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At Rogowski Wealth Management we take a fresh approach to how we engage with you and how we care for your finances. We know that the decisions we make today will directly impact you and your family's future and nothing is more important to us than you knowing your future is in great hands.  A PNW native, Principal Bryan Rogowski is an authority on Dimensional Funds and one of the few in the Seattle area who specializes in this unique investment approach.  Contact us now for a no obligation meeting with Bryan.


Philosophy: Buy, hold, repeat; rebalance and take only necessary risk


Evidence from practicing investors and academics alike points to an undeniable conclusion: Investment returns come from taking risk, but not all risk is worth taking.


Risks worth taking can be summarized in four dimensions.

  1. Stocks are riskier than bonds and have greater expected returns

  2. Small company stocks are riskier than large company stocks and have greater expected returns

  3. Stocks with a "value" orientation are riskier than stocks with a "growth" orientation and have greater expected returns

  4. Highly profitable companies have a greater expected return than less profitable companies, holding the stock price-to-earnings constant

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